Adina (adina_atl) wrote,

El León, La Bruja, y El Rompero

I just finished reading my first full novel in Spanish, "El León, La Bruja, y El Rompero" by C.S. Lewis (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, of course). The grammar was pretty easy, the vocabulary not too bad thanks to a Spanish-English dictionary on my Kindle. It helped a lot that I already knew the plot.

I'm sure some of the more lyrical passages escaped me, but I certainly got the sense of it all. But I discovered that in Spanish I quite dislike Mr. Beaver--shorn of his fine-sounding words, what he actually says is pretty nasty in a couple of places. Paraphrased: "If it looks human but isn't human, it's evil. I've known a known a few decent dwarves, but they've been the less human-looking ones." And about Edmund: "Oh, yes, I knew he was bad as soon as I saw him" (and yet somehow failed to mention it or take precautions). "There's something in the eyes."

I haven't decided what I'm going to read next. But I think not "Principe Caspian".
Tags: spanish
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