Adina (adina_atl) wrote,

Artificial stupidity?

I've been getting scam messages that purport to be from Delta informing me of a ticket purchase that I didn't make, with a nice attachment to open to print my ticket. Obviously I'm supposed to open the attachment, either to get the free ticket or to find out where to report that I didn't actually buy it. This is a well-known scam, apparently, and I'm not dumb enough to fall for it. But what's amusing is the one I got today.

The previous email had a reply-to address of something like "", which I suspect if I'd done a web search on would turn out to be some tiny regional airline or something else "air" related. Today's reply-to address was "". Which if you use a string search to find domain names containing (or ending?) in "air" will indeed come up....
Tags: computers
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