Adina (adina_atl) wrote,

Butterfly cats and volcanos

I just discovered a new Spanish term for a calico or tortoiseshell cat: "una gata mariposa", a butterfly cat. I knew that tortoiseshell cats were called gatas tortugas--turtle cats--but gata mariposa is even better. (Gata rather than gato because almost all torties and calicos are female.)

In other news, the Poas Volcano outside of San Jose erupted on Monday and is apparently still going. It's only ash and steam at the moment, though. The national park surrounding it has been closed. Two years ago I stood on the observation platform overlooking the crater while it belched clouds of sulfur-smelling gas. That platform is still habitable, apparently, but only by volcanologists in protective gear. (It's nice to be able to read Spanish-language articles about this from, because there's only been one short article in English about it in The first eruption was at 8:58 AM on Monday, right at the prime viewing time for the volcano. No one was hurt, but they did have to evacuate the park. That would certainly be a memorable part of your visit to Costa Rica!
Tags: cats, costa rica, spanish
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