Adina (adina_atl) wrote,

California shootings

I just heard about the California shootings--by reading the online Costa Rican newspaper I had just read a story about President Solis breaking his diet--he's already eaten the first tamal of the holiday season!--when I saw an article titled: "Hay muertos, no sabemos cuantos," en California. Huh? Deaths in California? I was really, really hoping that my Spanish was confusing "muertos" with a word that meant something entirely different. Needless to say, I jumped to the NY Times for English-language news.

I don't know what's going on. No one knows what's going on. I hope people can wait until they do know what's happening before they make idiotic statements or take even more idiotic actions. I hope that everyone I know is safe and that the death and injury toll proves to be less than currently believed. I doubt it will be this one, but I hope someday we can look back on something like this and say "That was the last one ever."

I wish that the biggest news was still Costa Rica's president breaking his diet for tamales.
Tags: spanish
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